5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Tax Deductible

5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Tax Deductible Nobody really likes doing their own taxes, especially if they know they’ll owe the IRS money. Unlike taxes, though, everyone likes saving money. So what if we told you that there are millions of dollars in deductions that are missed each year? As you begin preparing to […]

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9 Great Tips for Saving Money and Paying Off Debt


Saving money can be an incredibly slow process, and paying off personal debt can be even more tedious. Both take patience, discipline, and determination. Once you learn how to use interest rates to your advantage though, your money will start growing before your eyes. However, you have to learn to pay yourself first. Many people […]

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The best financial advice a father can give his kids

father day financial advice

One important thing a father can do on Father’s Day – aside from feigning delight at another questionable tie – is to make sure his kids have the foundational financial smarts to navigate an increasingly complex world.  I’ll be honest, my parents and I NEVER discussed financial responsibility…and that was apparent for many years (refer to […]

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5 tips to save money on travel – all year long!

save money on travel

I can’t stress this enough – living on a budget does not mean you have to forego the things you love. Travel is no exception.  Whether you’re seeking a cure for cabin fever or a fun summer getaway for the family, here are some tips to save money on travel in the upcoming season and […]

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10 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

eat healthy on a budget

If you love to eat healthy, and love serving your family food you know is good for them, you don’t have to break the bank to get it done. 10 Great Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget: 1. Buy frozen fruits and veggies. Depending on the time of the year, frozen fruits and veggies […]

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7 Money Saving Tips that Don’t Work

7 money saving tricks that don

There are so many tips out there when it comes to saving money and it so hard to decide what is worth the effort and what is not.  There are some tips out there that in most cases will not work for most people as well.  In my latest eBook, Money Makers Vs. Time Wasters, […]

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Must Have Apps for Coupons

coupon apps

Nowadays people are looking for ways to save money. Many people resort to coupons. Coupons can save you a large amount of money off of every day needs, entertainment, travel, dining, and a whole lot more. At one time, coupons were normally found in newspaper inserts and other forms of print media. However, since the […]

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Saving Money with Rebates


One great way to save money on many items for your home is rebates. Unfortunately not many people take the time to look at manufacturers that offer consumer rebates for purchasing their products. There is also online rebates that will help you to save money on a wide range of products that you would normally […]

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Teaching Your Kids to Save


Teaching kids the value of money and how to save it for something that they really want will teach them discipline. It is never too early to start teaching them about finances and making a budget that will work for them. Teaching them these skills can help them to stay out of debt at an […]

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Saving Money on Produce


Saving money on grocery shopping is easy once you have some experience. In particular we are talking about saving money on produce. The secret to saving money on these items at your grocery store is to buy in bulk when in season. Peaches, pears, apples, nectarines, and other fruit that grows on trees are usually […]

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11 Ways to Save Money at the Movies

With summer around the corner, Hollywood is about to roll out a slew of sequels, blockbusters and indie films sure to satisfy most people’s craving for easy entertainment. Before making your summer selections, however, you should consider how best to spend your movie money. According to TIME Moneyland, ticket prices are expected to increase this […]

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Simple Budget: It All Starts With a Plan


Do you know exactly where you money goes each month?  How many of you struggle with your financials and the thought of a budget makes you cringe?  Or how many of you have a budget but it never really seems to work? A good budget simply starts with knowing where your money should be going […]

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3 Ways to Save on Gift Cards

Score a Deal on Gift Cards By: Andrea Eldridge –  CEO and co-founder of Nerds On Call, an on-site computer and laptop repair service company. Gift cards are a ubiquitous staple of the holiday season. Whether you’re looking to show some appreciation to someone you don’t know very well (like your newspaper delivery person or your gardener), or […]

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5 Digital Tools to Simplify your Life!

I’ve become a really huge “online” person in the past few years.  I blog (of course), I shop online, I pay bills online, I sign up for daily deals, you name it.  What that has led to, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, is a digital overload!  I mean, I have a zillion […]

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Getting Started Guide to Focus Groups

  Some pretty serious money can be made from Focus Groups – as much as $300 Cash for just 1-2 hours of just speaking your mind! I’ve actually heard of people who have substantially supplemented their incomes through focus groups alone. If you are unfamiliar with these, focus groups are conducted by market research companies […]

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6 Ways to Reduce Gas Costs

Crude oil prices are surging again as commodities traders respond to the continued tension between Iran, Israel and the United States. According to NBC Nightly News, the fear of any kind of military action in the Middle East drives up the price of fuel despite no real shortage of supply. Just recently, the price of […]

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Repost: Getting Started Guide to Couponing

Free Coupon E Course

So, if you’ve read my guide to couponing in a nutshell, you might be wondering just where to start with your couponing ventures.  As I mentioned before, couponing isn’t extremely difficult, but it does take quite a bit of planning. It might take a few weeks to truly get the hang of it, but here […]

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Couponing in a Nutshell

Free Coupon E Course

I’ve had a lot of requests for me to start a discussion on “couponing.” Although I’d been coupon clipping for several years, I only recently learned how to truly maximize my savings through couponing. For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what couponing is, I should point out that it is NOT simply clipping […]

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Repost: How to Score 1/2 Price Theatre Tickets!

I grew up in New York City and always loved going to Broadway plays. Most New Yorkers know about the big discount ticket booth in Times Square where you can get same-day show tickets for ½ price, but I had no idea that this was also offered in other cities. A few years ago, I’d […]

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Repost: Take the "Mystery" out of Mystery Shopping!

I started Mystery Shopping when I first moved to Atlanta 8 years ago. To be honest, I don’t remember how I was introduced to it, but I MUST point out that I never spent a dime to sign up for any mystery shopping companies. I now see so many companies asking for a fee to […]

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Consumer Reports Tips to Get the Most for Your Tax-Prep Dollar

I’m doing something a little bit different today since a) it’s still tax season and b) I think this is some pretty good information to keep on hand. The March 2010 issue of ShopSmart, from the publisher of Consumer Reports, featured an article basically spelling out the things you need to know and do to […]

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Don’t Fall Behind: How Tech Can Promote Your Small Business


  Cutting-edge tech updates are mostly applicable for established companies with huge budgets, right? Are you under the impression that it takes deep pockets and a well-known name in the industry to be a leader in tech? Not anymore. Small businesses are in a unique position to make the most of emerging technology to promote […]

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Best resources to teach your children about money

Most parents would likely say that having a baby is expensive, but there are likely mixed results if you were to ask parents “are babies or tweens more expensive?” The fact is, according to the American Institute of CPAs, 68 percent of parents give their children an allowance. And, even if your child is telling […]

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Discount tickets to the 2016 Georgia Renaissance Festival!

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Every weekend and Memorial Day, April 16 thru June 5, 2016 The 31st Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival is a family-friendly event, and a different kind of theme park. Inside this 32-acre recreation of a 16th Century English Village you’ll find hundreds of costumed characters, the Queen and her Court, endless circus-style entertainment on 10 stages, […]

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300+ Paid Blogger Opportunities, Ambassador Programs, Product Review Sites, Affiliate Programs, and more!

paid blogger opportunities

Here is a fantastic list of over 300 Paid Blogger Opportunities, Ambassador Programs, Product Review Sites, Affiliate Programs, and more! These are all great ways to make extra money and get free stuff right from the comfort of your own home.  Some of these companies might be specific for bloggers, as there are several blog […]

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