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I started Mystery Shopping when I first moved to Atlanta 8 years ago. To be honest, I don’t remember how I was introduced to it, but I MUST point out that I never spent a dime to sign up for any mystery shopping companies. I now see so many companies asking for a fee to find mystery shopping jobs and believe that to be a total scam!

I tell people all the time, mystery shopping is not really meant to be a source of income, since most shops only pay between $5 and $10. The perks are the best part of mystery shopping. For me, it has funded many great dinners, sporting events, and several other necessities including my prescription eyeglasses!

Here are some of the mystery shop companies I work with. I might have only signed up for a couple to begin with and sometimes they seem to refer you to other mystery shopping companies.

You just have to go on the sites and fill out the application to be a shopper. Once they accept you, they will start sending you different shops that are available and in your area. Remember, you are not bound to any shops unless you sign up for them!

Service Solutions – this is the one I use for baseball and basketball games. I had to go to a training session before I was allowed to shop those. They don’t pay, but they give you 2 free tickets to whatever game you are shopping.

Focus on Food  – This is more like a consumer study group. One of the mystery shop companies sent me that link.

Feedback Plus



Kern Scheduling

Nsite Inc. 

** There are a few more I  work with and can refer you to. Email me if interested.

The last ones have different kinds of shop offers – including fast food, clothing stores, World of Coke, Greyhound bus, whatever. Most of them pay between $10-$20 per shop and some will even cover the purchase you have to make. With those, you want to be selective with what shops you sign up for. For example, I don’t sign up for any shops where I am required to return an item on a separate trip unless the place is close to me. Those are just not worth the time or gas sometimes. One quick rule of thumb – usually, the greater the pay or reward, the longer the survey takes. Service Solutions, for example, will take you about an hour to complete the survey.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions about these. Good luck!

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