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It’s funny because my mom has decided to shop for a new car and was, of course, looking for a deal. I couldn’t remember off hand what the worst months were to buy  a car, but I knew January and February were not amongst the best.  Nonetheless, I was happy to receive this Best Time to Buy Guide from FreeShipping.org this week and, although cars are certainly not all this list, there are other great savings to look out for.

1. Boats
Wakeboarding season is still a few months off — for most of us, anyway — but winter represents one of the best times to buy a boat. New models are often available in early spring, so boat dealerships are eager to empty their lots for new inventory. Experts suggest shopping dealerships to avoid paying boat-show expenses.

2. Cameras
Kodak may be going under but that doesn’t mean your best moments should go uncaptured. Last year’s camera models can be found at reduced prices on the cusp of new releases. In fact, you can get Best Buy free shipping plus discounts on select digital cameras and camcorders through Feb. 4.

3. Prom Dresses
Your teenage daughter’s most anticipated dance of the year is just a few months away, and retailers are eager to outfit her in the latest styles. Since it’s, like, so lame to wear the same dress more than once, encourage your budding fashionista to sell her current stock of formal wear to a consignment shop for money to put toward a new garment.

4. Home Theaters
If you’re looking to upgrade your big screen, February is one of the best months to justify the expense. Thanks to Super Bowl hype and the introduction of new models to the market, home theater systems are at their best prices of the year.

5. Weddings
If you haven’t picked a wedding date yet, consider a time outside the peak season of May to October for substantial savings. February weddings offer an intrinsically romantic feel, but beware of inflated red-rose prices. Opt for a different flower species to keep yourself in the black. For other money-saving tips on weddings, check out this article from Seattle PI.

6. Winter Coats
Winter coats and other cold-weather attire become increasingly cheaper as spring approaches, but selection will continue to diminish. Unless you want to be stuck with last year’s orange Muppet-fur parka, stock up now on discounted outerwear for next season.

7. Cauliflower
Cruciferous veggie fans, unite! Cauliflower and broccoli are in season at winter farmer’s markets, representing one of the few available fresh produce items in February. If supermarkets are more your bag, you can still find great deals on citrus including oranges, lemons and grapefruit.

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Melissa Say What? February 5, 2012 at 12:09 am

Thanks for sharing! I like how they threw cauliflower in there at the end! I do love it, though!

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