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Some pretty serious money can be made from Focus Groups – as much as $300 Cash for just 1-2 hours of just speaking your mind! I’ve actually heard of people who have substantially supplemented their incomes through focus groups alone.

If you are unfamiliar with these, focus groups are conducted by market research companies on behalf of companies trying to get an idea of customers’ attitudes toward a certain product. They usually consist of about 6-10 people who are seated in a room and asked a series of general questions by a facilitator.

Focus groups vary according to the purpose of the study. For example, you could be asked to taste test for a new food item or just watch commercials if they are trying to test a new promotion. These sessions are usually either tape recorded, filmed, or occasionally, there is an actual panel seated behind a one sided mirror. Either way, the facilitator is expected to completely disclose all of those details to the group at the start of the study.

Here is a list of some of the companies I am currently registered with or have worked with in the past. You will just need to register your info into their database and wait for them to call you when they are conducting a focus group. You won’t qualify for all groups because they need to fulfill a certain demographic. However, here’s a hint I learned a long time ago: you can usually tell what they are looking for in a study by the questions they ask when evaluating you. “Yes” is usually the answer they are looking for with most random questions.

Focus Forward
20/20 Research Inc.
Field Work
Great Opinions
Plaza Research

CK Surveys
Focus on Food
PVR Research
Schlesinger Associates
Superior Research
Jackson Associates

A pretty fun article on focus groups can be also be found here.

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