5 Digital Tools to Simplify your Life!

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I’ve become a really huge “online” person in the past few years.  I blog (of course), I shop online, I pay bills online, I sign up for daily deals, you name it.  What that has led to, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, is a digital overload!  I mean, I have a zillion passwords I can never remember, I get more emails in a day than I can keep up with, and I miss out on some good deals just because I don’t see them in time!

So here are just a few of my favorite tools to help you get your stuff in order.  They’re all very user friendly and definitely time savers!  Best of all, they are FREE!  Do you have any favorites?  Be sure to share those below!

1.       theSwizzle: The Swizzle Sweeper lets you easily and securely unsubscribe from emails you no longer wish to receive. The Swizzle Gallery then helps you keep your inbox clean, as you can browse emails from thousands of leading retail and lifestyle brands without the commitment of a subscription.

2.       Clipix: Clipix is a free online bookmarking tool that easily organizes the digital content in people’s lives. The online platform was created out of a need for a tool that would allow people to save content they find online and want to come back to

3.       Coupon Sherpa: This handy, free iPhone and Android app lets you know what coupons are available for stores near you. A lot of the coupons are offers for a discount on purchases that have reached or surpassed a certain dollar amount, which can be great for holiday shopping.

4.       Scoutmob: Scoutmob offers daily deals of 50 percent off or more from businesses in your area. The deals are like that of Groupon or Living Social, except that you don’t have to pay for the deals before you use them.  There’s also an app for your phone, so you can easily find the deals in your area!

5.       WootWatcher: WootWatch for iOS and WootWatcher for Android bring Woot’s deals of the day to your phone, so you can peruse on the go. The app has 5 tabs that let you check out all areas of woot including woot.com, sellout.woot, shirt.woot, wine.woot, and kids.woot respectively. You can also edit the tab icons and arrange them using the familiar iPhone interface.

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