7 Money Saving Tips that Don’t Work

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7 money saving tricks that don't workThere are so many tips out there when it comes to saving money and it so hard to decide what is worth the effort and what is not.  There are some tips out there that in most cases will not work for most people as well.  In my latest eBook, Money Makers Vs. Time Wasters, I also cover a ton of these money saving and money making tips that sometimes prove to not be worth the time or effort.  Below are some tips that are said to save you money, but really do not have a big enough impact to matter for many people.

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7 Money Saving Tips that Don’t Work

Buying bigger packages. Companies want you to think that the bigger the package, the bigger the value. While it is true that buying in bulk can save you a lot of money, it is also true that it can end up costing more if you don’t pay attention. First, look at the unit price. The unit is whatever you are measuring in the package. If it is individually sized products in one large package, look at what each individual pack costs. You are not getting a good deal if each unit is more expensive if bought this way.

Buying season passes …without reading the fine print.  A season pass can be a good deal if you are going to use it enough, but if there are  too many restrictions, you won’t use be able to use it enough for you to even out the costs.  Make sure to read if it has any blackout dates, restrictions on guests and so on.  If there are too many restrictions for you to reasonably make use of it,  don’t bother with it.

Buying cheap furniture. While this seems like a good idea, especially if you are just a single college student, it will end up not being such a good one very soon down the road, especially if you move a lot. If money is an issue, buy from second hand stores or yard sales where you can find great pieces at low prices.

Purchasing cheap appliances that are used very frequently. If you make coffee every morning, you won’t want to get a cheap coffee maker or you will find it needing to be replaced often and in just a couple of years, you would have spent the same amount on cheap replacements as a nice coffee maker that will still run for many years.

Buying cheap kitchen knives and pans. Along the same lines of the appliances, a cheap knife set will be one of the worst choices you will make. It is very true that expensive knives and cooking equipment is not easy to come by at a bargain price, having cheap items in this arena is not only going to leave you spending more on replacements, but could also be dangerous.

Skipping out on your health. We all know that it is important to go see your Doctor and dentist for regular visits, but it is expensive and if nothing is wrong, why spend the money? Taking care of your health is like taking care of your car. Would you just drive around in your car without ever getting a tune-up or even changing the oil until the engine blows? Probably not. So don’t do it with your health or you could end up paying more in the end.

Buying boxed food instead of making it from scratch. You may think that cooking from scratch is more expensive, but over time, it isn’t. Sure, if you have no basic cooking ingredients for bread such as yeast, flour and so on, it will cost you more to make one loaf of bread, but if you have these things on hand, that $3 loaf of bread you love to buy could cost you 50 cents or even a quarter to make at home.

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