Six Easy and Practical Couponing Tips

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Practical Couponing TipsAre you new to couponing? There are some things you can do to make couponing easy when you’re first starting out. One of the main things is to just get started.  I created a getting started guide a while ago with some detailed tips and tools you’ll need.  Here are some other really simple tips to kick off your couponing ventures.

#1. Sign up for Apps

It’s amazing how many different apps there are out there for saving money. These apps really do the hard work for you. Apps like iBotta get the coupons ready for you and all you basically have to do is scan. How hard can that be?

#2. Lists are Everything

Even if you use something as simple as an app, you might still consider making a list. Lists help you stay organized as you grocery shop. You don’t have to be a pro at making lists, but it is a wise and organized move.

#3. Take Inventory

You don’t need to be a ‘crazy’ couponer and buy everything just because you have a coupon. It’s okay to stock up, but leave some supplies on the shelves for other people. Taking inventory is easy, just make a list of what you have in your pantry and what you still need.

#4. Look at Non Brand

Even if you have a coupon, sometimes just getting the off brand is cheaper. Comparing prices is an incredibly important part of getting the best deal. Of course, you don’t want to forget to price match because this can also help you get the best deals on items you’d like to stop up on.

#5. Sales are Important

You can get the most bang for your coupon buck by making sure you stock up during sales. Sales are great because it’s the grocery store’s way of getting you in to see what other awesome perks they offer. If you know why you are heading into the store, you won’t be tempted by their gimmicks. Don’t be afraid to shop around and shop at several different stores if this will help you get save the most money.

#6. Be a Receipt Checker

You may have gotten the best deals on your list, but did you check that receipt? It’s not going to make much of a different in the saving money department, if the product didn’t ring up right. Take the time to check each item on your receipt.

There you have it, some very practical and helpful tips about couponing. Just remember that couponing isn’t just about the paper clipping, it’s about the overall savings. If you can spend a few hours clipping or search for coupons and keep a full fridge, then I’d say you’ve done your job well.



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