7 Gas Saving Tips That Save Money

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7 Gas Saving Tips That Save Money

Sure gas prices have gotten much better over the past few months (Hallelujah!), but that still doesn’t mean Americans have stopped caring about those little things like fuel efficiency & money saving. Right?  Well here are 7 Gas Saving Tips that following will help you save your vehicle from diminishing fuel economy and ultimately save you a lot of money.

1.       Keep Gas from Slipping Out

 A surprising number of people drive around with a broken or missing gas cap, allowing fumes to escape. Not only will this hurt your fuel economy, but it hurts the environment, too

2.     Watch your weight

The heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it takes to move. Lighten your load and increase your fuel economy.

3.     Don’t be an idling idiot

Warming up your vehicle for more than 30 seconds is unnecessary. Keeping the engine running for more than 20 minutes while your friend gets ready is completely unnecessary. Stop idling and save your gas.

4.      Clean the air

A dirty air filter can reduce your gas mileage and other key parts of your vehicles performance. Make sure that it’s clean to get the most of our every drop of gas.

5.      Check the pressure

Underinflated tires reduce your vehicles  fuel efficiency, so make sure that they’re filled to the manufacture’s specifications

6.      Align for easy movement

Did you know that poor wheel alignment can force your engine to work harder than it has to? Have a professional check the alignment, then watch your fuel consumption drop.

7.      Relax your lead foot

Reducing your cruising speed and avoiding hard acceleration and breaking can help to reduce your overall fuel consumption


Below is a great infographic illustrating these points.   Be sure to pin and share!

how to save money on gas

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