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Ari Adams - award winning Atlanta blogger, author, and money saving expert! Hi, I’m Ari Adams – award winning Atlanta blogger, author, and money saving expert! I’m a native New Yorker, but I’ve been in Atlanta since 2001 (so you can feel free to call me a peach).  I’m married to my college sweetheart and a very busy working mom of 2 amazing girls – ages 6 and 3 – so I totally understand the need moms have for easy access to discounts on things they need and want without wasting their day looking for them.  I’ve been the go-to person for money saving and money making tips for several years now, but I have to admit, I haven’t always been this financially savvy…

When I moved to Atlanta years ago, I was in a ridiculous amount of debt.  Debt for things that barely even existed anymore – clothes I no longer wore, food and drinks already consumed, etc.  I was possibly the most irresponsible person when it came to money matters. In fact – and it took me years to admit this to anyone – my very first rent check actually bounced for my first apartment after college!  File that under embarrassing moments in the rental office! From that moment on, I realized I had to make a change, but of course I didn’t want to give up on the things I enjoyed in my life.  After all, I was in my early 20s and in a brand new city.  I knew I needed to just be more creative and sensible about how I went about my spending.  I managed to discover so many really cool ways to not only get by, but to truly enjoy the city – from catching the latest movies to dining at fancy restaurants to scoring great seats at concerts and basketball games! Even as my finances began to shape up, I still refused to give up on my frugally fabulous lifestyle and enjoyed finding even more creative ways to live well on a budget.  A few years later, I managed to get my 150 guest wedding completely sponsored (aka FREE) and became the champion of my family and friends for finding ways to save money.

Although I was no stranger to frugal living, I only first discovered blogging after I had my oldest daughter.   My husband was finishing up grad school and here we were trying to figure out how to afford a whole new person in our household.  I call her my “baby on a budget” because throughout those first years, I became a master of couponing, deal-finding, DIY projects.   I remember talking to my mom one day and sharing a deal with her.  I can’t recall what the deal was, but I just remember she was so excited about it and started giving me a list of people I needed to call to share it with. However, this time, I was not only balancing becoming a mother, but also a working mother. Time was certainly not on my side. So, instead of calling all these people, I decided to use my blog as a platform to share all of my deals in one place. Thus, my blog Saver in the City (originally Atl Deal Finder) was born.

After the growing success of my blog, I decided to create a couple of e-books as a way to condense and consolidate all the information I’ve posted to my blog over the years in one place- Save Money, Savor the Day and Money Makers vs. Time Wasters.    If you are anything like I used to be, I hope both my blog and e-books can become a starting point and a support system for you to get and keep yourself out of debt while not eliminating the good things in life.


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