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9 Tips for Successful Personal Financial Planning

9 tips for successful personal financial planning

Yes, this is the year to take full control of your life and personal financial planning is the key! In my entire career, working with some of the most brilliant and educated people, I’ve found that most of the population still remain clueless about personal financial planning and are virtually unprepared to achieve their ultimate […]

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9 Great Tips for Saving Money and Paying Off Debt


Saving money can be an incredibly slow process, and paying off personal debt can be even more tedious. Both take patience, discipline, and determination. Once you learn how to use interest rates to your advantage though, your money will start growing before your eyes. However, you have to learn to pay yourself first. Many people […]

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Six Easy and Practical Couponing Tips

Practical Couponing Tips

Are you new to couponing? There are some things you can do to make couponing easy when you’re first starting out. One of the main things is to just get started.  I created a getting started guide a while ago with some detailed tips and tools you’ll need.  Here are some other really simple tips to […]

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Tips For Saving on Clothes for Your Little Fashionista (by Sophia Smith)

tips for saving on clothes for kids

Tips For Saving on Clothes for Your Little Fashionista   All children eventually grow up! And they keep growing. As the time passes, the clothes you bought for your kids get persistently smaller. In order not to spend a fortune on clothes and keep accumulating things they do not wear anymore, inform yourself about several […]

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5 Holiday Spending Tips from Jessica Kane

holiday spending tips

5 Holiday Spending Tips Guest post by professional finance blogger, Jessica Kane   It is the middle of the fall season, and the temperatures are starting to drop. This drop in temperature also signals that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Everyone has a tendency to get caught in the joy of the holiday season […]

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